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Jennifer Frappell, indigodazeart


'Every image has a story to tell'

Flying over this great continent, I feel compelled to open the window shade and gaze with awe and curiosity at the seemingly endless landscape below. How did the first peoples see the landscapes so clearly, as if they had a birds-eye view?


While the landscape appears timeless, it is constantly changing, its physical elements being dissolved and sculpted by the movement of water and the abrasive power of sand and grit being tossed endlessly in the wind.


The air above the land is changeable too, the clouds moving across the land causing patterns of light and shade.


The patterns are what draw me in. The longitudinal sandhills, and the ancient shifting watercourses, the smooth meandering wanderings of liquid and red earth.


How can we protect and look after our unique environment?


As an artist, I hope to put a spotlight on the plight of our country, and the plight of all of us, if we don’t act soon. Let the natural world not just be a pretty picture on a wall for all to admire and remember what we once had, but may it exist long into the future because we came to its defence.

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Professional info

​A secondary school art teacher for over 35 years, mother of three, with a creative spirit. ​


Catholic College of Education Sydney

Diploma of Teaching 1988

​Australian Catholic University

Bachelor of Education 1992

​West Wollongong Tafe​;

Certificate 1 and 2 in Visual Design.

Certificate 1 and 2 in Printmaking.

Dawn Meader Art and Yoga Retreat, Balli 2014

Printing With Rust Workshop, 2014

Duck Print Studio Port Kembla 2015-ongoing; Etching and Block printing.

'India Flynt' Residential Workshop 'Second Skin' at The Botanical Studios, Allansford Victoria 2018.

'India Flynt' On line course in Eco-printing and dyeing, 'Eucalytography', 2020-21. 

Lithography on zinc plate, Duck Print Studio. 2021

Lithography on stone, Duck Print Studio. 2023





Original hand made etchings, lithographs and large hand coloured Lino-Prints are available in limited editions. This is designated by a number of available prints. For example, 1/5.

Small lino-prints are generally unlimited editions and are printed and painted on request. For example U/E.

An artist proof is an original print where the artist is developing and finalising the design. There may be a number of these in slightly different versions.

All prints are not 'giclee' prints that have been digitally printed. They are original designs that have been completely hand-made. 

There may be up to %10 variation between prints in each edition, however uniformity is the objective.

Etchings and Lithographs have been printed under the guidance of Master Printmaker, Tom Goulder, of Duck Print Fine Art Editions.

If the edition is 'sold out', an artist proof may be available.

Limited framed work (from previous exhibitions) are available.

Hand Coloured Lino-Prints are generally completed on demand and take about 2 weeks, unless there is one in stock.

Currently available for purchase at the 'Indigodazeart' studio in Bulli.



Tap Gallery Group Exhibition

Wilderness Photographer of the Year

'Ancient Rocks'

The Landscape Photography Awards


Blue Mountains Print Prize, Glenbrook Art Centre.


Scarborough Art Show

'Commended' for the Mono Awards, Australian Photography;


'Highly Commended' for Single Shot Photographer of the Year;

'Early Morning Soak' and 'Twilight Bather'.



Blue Mountains Print Prize, Glenbrook Art Centre

Print Prize online exhibition, Nationwide curating.

'Commended' for the Australian 'Mobile' Photograph of the year competition;

'Contemplating the pink evening sky'


Scarborough Art Show

Practice What You Teach, Project Gallery Wollongong

Blue Mountains Print Prize, Glenbrook Art Centre



Practice what you teach, Project Art Gallery Wollongong

Scarborough Art Show

Tap Gallery, Real Refuse



'Women's Kick Ass Print Project' Bendigo Art Gallery.

Scarborough Art Show

Artisan Winter Market, Innovation Campus Wollongong UNOW

Artisan Christmas Market, Innovation Campus Wollongong UNOW


Scarborough Art Show

‘Salt and Silk’, group Exhibition, Clifton School of Arts

‘Jam’, group Exhibition, All and Sundry Café Woonona

Wild Rumpus Artisan Market, Winter, Town Hall, Wollongong

Artisan Market, Bundanoon



Scarborough Art Show

Wollongong Art Gallery AFFORDABLE Artisan Market

Artisan Garage/Studio Trail Market

Wollongong Art Gallery, Pop Up Market Umbrella ​​Installation, 'The Umbrella Project'.



Made in Kiama Christmas Artisan Market

Made Local, Bulli Hospital Christmas Market

Foragers Artisan Market, Bulli

Friday Traders Market, Wollongong



Affordable Art and Artisan Market, Wollongong Regional Art Gallery

Coledale Christmas Market



Creative Lane Group exhibition, Marrickville Town Hall



Three Art Teachers, Group Exhibition at Beach Art, Thirroul



‘Botanica’, Flying Pig Precinct, Berry

‘Solo Exhibition’, Flowers, Beach Art Thirroul

Thirroul Seaside Arts Festival



Breewood Art Galleries, Leura and Richmond

Carluchios Kitchen Café Exhibition



‘Botanica’, Flying Pig Precinct, Berry

‘Beadazzle’, Out of the Shoebox, Wollongong Regional Art Gallery



‘Freedom’ Liturgical Banner for Wollongong Diocese Jubilee



Edmund Rice College Annual Art and Craft Show



Rylstone National Trust Art Prize, Half Pie Gallery



‘Van Guerard’, External Landscape Panel, Wollongong Regional Gallery,

umbrella Project.jpg


  • ​The works of Margaret Preston and Florence Broadhurst.

  • Contemporary artists such as Margaret Olley (RIP) , Cressider Campbell and Kit Hiller.

  • Contemporary fabric designers such as PurePod, Lazybones and Bird Textiles.

  • Japanese shibori, art and culture. ​

  • Eco fabric printing.

  • Vintage fabric designers, such as Sanderson Fabric from the 1070's.

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