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Indigo Shibori Workshop

Shibori is the traditional Japanese art of folding, clamping and dyeing fabric.

It is a fun way to make unique scarves, decorate fabric for sewing projects and for upcycling found thrift shop items.

Using Indigo to dye, rather than commercial dyes create a gradation of Blue shades on the fabric.

Indigo works best with natural fibres such as silk, linen and 100% cotton.

In this workshop we will learn how to:

  • Fold and clamp fabric to create patterns.

  • Explore different methods and materials that can be used for clamping.

  • Set up an Indigo vat using an Indigo Kit.

  • Dye fabric using the Vat.

  • We will create 2 silk scarves and a fabric piece that could be used for a cushion cover.

  • We will also have a lovely morning tea and meet new friends, and like-minded creative people.

  • Workshop participants may like to bring 1 small item of clothing bought from a thrift shop to give a new lease of life to.

  • Workshops are for 6-10 participants.

  • Looking forward to meeting you.

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