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A new direction.

I have recently begun a new series of artworks based on the theme of Lighthouses. The images will mainly be based on those that I have visited and photographed in Australia. My current working title for this project is 'Temples of sorrow, beacons of hope'. I am aiming to create 10 illustrative artworks for a possible future exhibition. To accompany the images, I am collecting the stories that surround these places that are often isolated and remote.

Different media and techniques will be explored for each image.

'Pochoir' -a stencil printing technique which also used to colour linoprints is explored for my first image of 'Mersey Bluff Lighthouse' Devonport Tasmania. This is a landmark that any traveller would see when leaving or arriving on the Spirit of Tasmania interstate ferry.

The lighthouse has striking distinctive red stripes on the ocean side and wallabies graze amid ancient first peoples hieroglyphs. I will add more information about the stories surrounding the lighthouse at a later stage.

The 2nd image depicts the use of the acetate stencil and my new registration pins and tabs. I have stencilled over the lino-print in this case, I will reverse this process the next time and compare the results.

This print is now available in my store.

I have also entered a copy into the 2023 Blue Mountains Print Prize. I really hope that the print gets accepted (as 2 previous prints have), and the exhibition goes ahead this year.

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