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Announcing a new and exciting edition to the studio.......

Today we picked up an installed a beautiful M.E.S printing press in the studio. Its something I have been dreaming about since College. A friend gave me a platen press which my husband restored for me, but I was limited to the size of what I could print with it. Also, a platen press is traditionally used for book making, (my daughter is currently making tiny books with my offcuts). Printed by hand is hard work with larger prints, and imposible with etchings.

This press will take a full sheet of paper and is geared for ease of use. It's in terrific condition and was the prized possession of my good teaching and artist friend, Judy Weeks who has used it for 30 years. I'm looking forward to making good use of it for a long time too. It means that I can experiment at home and print editions myself. Tonight I'm dreaming of future work.

Much thanks to husband Mart and Judy's husband Stuart who worked out the hows, friends Tom and Riste who provided assistance, and neighbour Paul who lent us his apprentice and assistants. It was a group effort to make a dream come true. I love it!

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