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Art for critically Endangered Australian Species.

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

The Regent Honeyeaters are critically endangered, and are possible on the brink of extinction. There are only about 350 to 400 mature regent honeyeaters left in the wild in NSW, maybe less since the devastating bushfires of 2019-2020. There demise is largely due to land-clearing of the most fertile eucalypt woodlands, reduced stands of nectar-producing trees such as grevilleas and banksias, and urban development.

In NSW, there are two important populations that environmentalists are trying to protect. The Capertee Valley landcare group have an extensive tree planting programme. I spend a lot of time bushwalking, canyoning and camping in this area. It is the world's second largest canyon with spectacular sandstone cliffs.

The 'Give a Dam' organisation is concerned about the raising of the Warragamba Dam wall by 14 metres. This would drown old-growth forests critical for the nesting and feeding for the Regent Honey Eater.

Profits from the sale of two of these prints will be directed towards these two campaigns. Additional prints are available in the indigodazeart store.

To learn more about this issue visit the following links.

The Crown, Capertee Valley NSW

Regent Honey Eater

Limited edition fine art print, The Regent Honey Eaters

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