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Hey, it's already May!

It has been a while. What have I been doing?

A long road trip in far north Queensland, a fair bit of remote bushwalking in Tasmania, some photography, various sewing projects, currently working on a new print and printing technique that may turn into a series, and of course, I am still casual teaching.

My children are living in three seperate states from me, and the four grandparents health and wellbeing are currently challenging us. We (my husband and I) are at the point of deciding which direction to take next in our lives. Probably retirement from work and travel sometime within the next 1-2 years is on the cards.

I will always continue to create art of some kind. I am not sure which direction this may take. Ink and water-colour landscape painting and photography is my best guess.

I am considering making some of my award winning photographs available for sale and am currently exploring options for this.

Below are a selection of captures that I have received awards for in the last 12 months.

I enjoy shooting landscapes of remote wilderness places, and candid images, capturing people 'in the moment' of doing or choosing to do something. Often this involves the theme of water.

Often I don't have time to take a selection photos, so I try to make each one count, just like when I was a poor uni student using film.

Early morning soak.

Ancient Rocks.


Twilight Bather.

Winter swimmer contemplates the pink evening sky.

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