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I adore vintage caravans

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

If you haven't noticed yet, I really like Vintage caravans. Some of this obsession I contribute to living in 2 borrowed 'Tear Drop' caravans, one pink and one mint, while my dad built a house, in the small South Australian town of Bordertown. It's the only time I had a pet, a Collie called Butch and a goat that we fed pop apples too (well that's what my brother and I called them) We also had a tire swing (classic). I would have been three or four at the time. Seeing vintage caravans just makes me smile and think of long Summer holiday adventures. I love how people customise them these days. My childhood family never had a caravan, but I will definitely be getting one in my after work years. For now, my Kombi is my little house on wheels.

These 2 images are from a chance sighting of vintage caravans at Shellharbour beach. I have previously posted an image of them as a soft ground etching. Now they have been aquatinted to give them more definition and tone. The effort was definitely worth while. I will probably hand colour the previous edition.

If you would like one of these little happy prints, they are in my indigodazeart store from today.

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