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Means to an end.....

Or so much to do, and so little time…….. that has been a catch cry of mine since forever.

It always happens, I start something, (making Covid masks to feel useful) and then things happen, (I get called in for a couple of casual days teaching) and then the things I really want to do, (christen the new printing press) get put on the back burner.

Prioritising is a skill. Picking what is essential and important can be difficult, and sometimes as an artist you need to be a bit selfish just to get the job done.

I also need to finance my art making. That is my focus for this week. Making art is hopefully the priority for next week!

Future work: A lino print of the endangered Regent Honey Eater, a revisit of my 'Desert Fluidity' Tryptyth, and some small etchings of vintage caravans.

Choosing which task to tackle first is another issue.

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