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National Threatened Species Day, September 7

This day is set aside to raise awareness across the country of plants and animals that are at risk of extinction.

Today I had a chat with Vicky from the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital about the amazing work that they already do and are planning to do in the future. Like most organisations, they are in lockdown at the moment but they are always in need of funds and support. There was a lot of money donated in the 'go fund me' campaigns after the bushfires, but they didn't qualify for it unfortunately.

The hospital has big future plans which will greatly assist the Koalas in the Port Macquarie area.

With the sale of a few of my 'When the last tree has fallen' print, I have donated $200 directly to the hospital and another $100 to the 'Fund a Koala Food Tree' program. This equals about 5 trees either being planted on local farms around Port Macquarie or on specific Koala sanctuary plantations.

The Hospital has one major fund raising event once a year, which I hope to donate a print to also.

With Covid on everyones mind it is easy to loose sight of other important issues. Please consider supporting this worthy cause.

I am also raising money for tree planting and habitat restoration in the Capertee Valley for the Regent Honeyeater. More details of this project to follow. (you can also read my previous post).

A view looking down into the Capertee Valley from the saddle near the Pipeline track.

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