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Responding to the times.......

I have had a studio clean up in preparation for the new edition that is arriving next Thursday (very exciting). In the process of doing this I have had to relocate all of my material collection, which prompted my son to ask if I would make him a special 'Indigo Shibori' Covid face mask for his commute to work on Sydney trains. This of course would lead to other family members and friends putting in requests. This is completely ok of course because I am out of casual teaching work and workshops, and I have plenty of fabric to spare. Being flexible and able to respond to a brief or commission, or changing times, is part of being an artist. Practically speaking, I have to fund my work somehow. Naturally this distracts me from actual art making. I guess that I have to find a balance somewhere.

PS: I am taking small orders through my indigodazeart facebook site. Or send me an email.

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