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The Boat Sheds

One of the iconic and historic places in Bulli is the Boat Sheds on McCauley's Beach, below Sandon Point. They have been there for over 120 years and have been a place for anglers to store their boats. They have weathered many storms, fires and government regulations, while similar sheds on nearby headlands have been destroyed. They are protected from the feature southerlies and a cutting in the rock shelf is the perfect landing spot for keen surfers.

I created this print for a small exhibition that I shared with a friend at a local cafe. To my delight the print sold before the exhibition opened. Alas, I never photographed it out of the frame. A subsequent print that I painted as a gift also didn't get photographed, and I didn't get the opportunity to print an edition.

The lesson is to always paint, keep and photograph an artist proof, and print the edition straight away.

The new press, and the opportunity to spend time in the studio has meant that I have caught up with a few jobs that I have meant to do.

I really like this image, and I have walked to this destination most days in the last three months.

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