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The Painted Desert

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

‘The Painted Desert’ has been described as being painted by nature over 80 million years. An ancient inland sea bed where erosion has sculpted and dissolved the baked top layer to expose the rich colours underneath. These colours change depending on the time of day that you visit. It is a beautiful remote location in South Australia, roughly between Oodnadatta and Cooper Pedy, and close to the Arckaringa Homestead.

I visited this area 2 years ago and created this print as a memory of this experience. It is an edition of 6 prints. It takes a day or two to hand colour each print as it is very detailed.

You can view this print in my Gallery and it is available for purchase. I am also submitting a copy to the Megalo Print Studio on-line exhibition for Relief Printing. The exhibition will take place from May the 12th to June 13.

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