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The Old Steam Boiler

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

When we first could escape the lock downs and our LGA, a few of us gleefully ventured into the Blue Mountains to experience some of the walks my artist friend Frances had discovered in her LGA.

Hidden in the bush at the bottom of Lidden creek, Faulkonbridge, there is an old rusted boiler, the remnants of a steam engine that dragged milled logs up out of the steep gully on a cable driven railway 100 year ago. The creek is a series of cascades, surrounded by beautiful remnant rainforest full of ferns and coachwood trees.

This is my 2nd attempt at a lithograph on aluminium plate. I experimented with painting tusche for tone, drawing with a lithography pencils for detail, and a smudging stick for texture, with gum arabic to block out white areas.

See the following link for a more detailed description of the detailed process involved in creating such a piece.

I was really happy with the depth of tone, the texture of the mossy rocks and the patina of the rusted metal, that I achieved in this print. Its a really nice memory of a great day spent with friends in the bush. A perfect remedy for months being stuck in my own suburb.

It has been expertly printed with the assistance of Master print maker Tom Goulder.

There will be a limited edition of eight prints available.

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