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Travel Dreams

I have always liked to travel and explore new places. I love the idea of having a little house on wheels and my 1974 Kombi is perfect for satisfying that itch, especially with little overnight trips down the South Coast.

I am now planning and looking forward to retirement from teaching, and a little Hybrid of road caravan for extended trips is a very big temptation. Whenever I visit a caravan park though, it is the vintage vans that excite me the most. The owner are often quirky and their customised vans have character and represent a much simpler past.

Travel and making art along the way is the dream. I may just be taking photos or creating little card prints, but that would be bliss. "Something to do, something to look forward too, with someone whom I love."

These two images are the last 2 in a series of 4 vintage caravan images. I stumbled upon a local vintage caravan group at Shellharbour one Saturday afternoon and had a lovely chat with some of the owners.

They have been printed in a Paynes Grey (black/blue) colour, while the previous two are in a graphite black colour. I am open to printing a set of 4 in the Paynes Grey.

If you would like to purchase a print please follow the links below to my shop.

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