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Vintage Caravans

I am enjoying a day in the studio after having a few weeks away. My press bed is in the perfect position for creating a few soft ground etchings. I can extend it out to accommodate my lap-top, it's a convenient height to use the day-bed as a seat, and I have the warmth of the window on two sides which helps when drawing into soft ground. My subject today is vintage caravans. I love the feeling of escapism, freedom and the instant return to simpler times that these little home on wheels evoke. They are also unique and much more interesting than their modern day equivalents. I went past a family towing a mint green one with lacy curtains and knitted throw cushions while in my own vintage Kombi on the freeway last week. There were smiles and waving, as both parties realised that we understood each other. Perhaps you own one too. You never know, your precious caravan might appear here one day.

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