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What to make and do?

This is a question that all artists ask themselves, sometimes daily. I will be honest, I spend a lot of time procrastinating about which task to currently work on or what image to tackle next.

Deadlines, like an upcoming exhibition, competition, or a promised commission that needs urgent completion can keep me motivated.

At the moment, I am trying to resolve a couple of projects that have been just hanging around, forever. I am hoping that clearing tasks will make some space in my brain and in my studio for new ideas and artistic direction to emerge.

Collecting new ideas for my 'imagine' board is a constant task. Pictures from glossy magazines, photos I have taken, rough sketches, artists work that inspire me, and interesting paper are pinned. Sometimes a satisfying image can result, or its a place to look when I am in a rut.

Going for a morning walk or cycle, or a coffee in the sun also motivates me to do some studio work in the afternoon. Also I find that attending my printmaking group once a week, seeing everyone else's projects and discussing my own works potential, is very beneficial.

Attending any exhibition always gives me fresh ideas, especially with a friend. Write some of those ideas down while they are fresh in your mind, (instruction to self).

One of my latest works is 'Little Baby Wombat'. I made this print as a gift for all the new wonderfull babies in my life. A slightly smaller version is also as a gift card.

A new etching is on the way, as well as a linoprint with chine-colle', and a large fabric stamp, or possible just a print. It's a work in progress.

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