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This image was drawn from a photo taken by a friend of mine while on a bushwalking expedition in the Gardens of Stone National Park, NSW. It was twelve months after the devastating bush fires of 2019/ 2020 and in between lockdowns. The group had climbed , crossed and camped on the Crown overnight, and this was the early frosty morning of the 2nd night at Point Cameron. The pagoda rocks would normally be more obscured by bush. (For more information visit my blog)

This is my first attempt at the Lithography method using Aluminium plate. The plate procesing is quite a number of steps, and the printing is almost a two person affair, having to keep the plate moist while inking up and using a lithography press. Master print maker, Tom Goulder is an expert at this thankfully.

Limited Fine Art edition of 7 prints, This particular print has been hand coloured and is in a unique state. Prints are painted on request and will be in a unique state. The paper size is 400mm x600mm. Printed on Fabriano Rosaspina.

Pantoneys Crown from Point Cameron

SKU: pr-litho-PC-7
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