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Blue Mountains Print Prize

This was the 3rd instalment of this biannual print exhibition held at Glenbrook Arts Centre, and I have happily been involved in all three. The amount of entries was down on the previous year, but the quality of the images was up as a lot more practising printmakers discover the prize.

Being a part of any exhibition requires an investment in time and money. The cost of producing the image, framing the image, transporting to the exhibition, attending the opening and then picking up the works again.

Openings can be fun but can also be a little daunting as you compare your work to everyone else's.

Still, what is the point of creating artwork if nobody else sees it?

Hopefully lots of people visited the exhibition over the weekend and some engaged with my work, and took note of my name for future reference, and hopefully sales.

The 2 prints that I exhibited were an;

Etching-'A cold misty morning in May'.

Linoprint-'Mersey Bluff Lighthouse'.

Thanks to everyone who is involved with the exhibition and especially to the curator, Katherine Kennedy from Nationwide curating. I'm looking forward to being involved in the expanded exhibition in 2025.

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