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Stone Lithography

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Over the last 8 weeks I have been learning the practice of stone lithography. My subject is remote Tasman Island that you can view from Cape Pillar on the Three Capes Track. I took many photos on this 4 day hike and I'm sure that quite a few will feature in future work.

This technique is the closest to direct drawing that can be used in printmaking. It's a detailed process, but the results are terrific, especially when there is a Master Printmaker assisting the artist (thanks Tom).

Tasman island has a lighthouse, so this print becomes the second in my lighthouse series. It is very difficult to visit in order to option a closer image, especially as access is only by helicopter once a year, but I will use national park photos as inspiration. Unless I win the lottery or get invited.

Below is my photo of Tasman island, some inspirational artists work, myself and Tom in Duck Print Studio and the completed image.

I was trying to capture the atmosphere of visiting this rugged and remote area of Tasmania. I regard it as a privilege.

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