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Designing a Christmas card with a broken foot.

At the beginning of December I broke my foot abseiling into a canyon with my husband in a remote area of the Wollemi National Park. It's a 'Lisfranc' injury which required surgery involving a titanium screw, and it will take a considerable time to heal. We were training for hiking The Walls of Jerusalem, Tasmania in early January. That will now possible be January 2025.

I have graduated to a knee scooter around the house and crutches to get down our front stairs, so I feel less house bound. Swimming in our local ocean pool has been a life saver. I have developed more empathy for people with permanent disabilities.

While non weight bearing, I have tried to be a little productive by designing and hand printing a lino print Christmas card featuring a cheeky Glossy Red Tailed Black Cockatoo sitting in a Casuarina while wearing an elf hat. The nuts of the casuarina are their primary source of food. An improved version (better printed) will be available for Christmas 2024.

My lighthouse series continues to be a work in progress. The little sketch below is off the table cape lighthouse and tulip farm in Wynyard, Tasmania. My daughter and I visited in late October when the flowers were a riot of colour.

There is a possibility of participating in an exhibition in March, the opening of the Duck Print Gallery, at Port Kembla. Therefore I am hoping to have at least 5 prints ready to exhibit.

A new lino print is available in my store called 'Newlyweds'. Let me know if you would like to order customised prints with specific colours. I designed it for my Niece who has a corgi fur baby called Archie, and recently got married.

Now that the Christmas chaos is over, and its raining, today seemed like a good time to update my website. My New Years Resolution is to be more proactive in all of my endeavours ....... possibly the resolution for most years, and to regain the use of my foot and get fit again.

I just noticed that this is my 50th blog post. Cause for celebration......

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

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