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Exciting Times........

I can't say too much at the moment, but there is something big and very exciting for me, happening in the Indigodazeart studio over the next couple of weeks. In preparation, I am in the process of having a total re-evaluation of 'stuff'. Some items I no longer need, or relate to projects that I will never get back to (this is really hard) I am relocating some things that just won't fit in and am selling whatever I can. I have been dreaming about this for at least 20 years. In a real way, being out of work and unable to travel has presented this opportunity. I really hope that all the balls fall into place. Stay tuned for the big reveal........

PS: I am now on which is a site that promotes boutique arts funding, especially for artists like myself who would like to take bigger risks and be truly creative, but lack the needed funds.

I am thankful that you have visited my site and are reading this blog.

I am completely filled with gratitude to my husband who has always been my biggest supporter.

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