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Updated: Aug 29, 2021

I have completed my 'When the last tree has fallen' etching.

I have been worried about the clearing of Koala habitat around the Sydney Basin and other parts of NSW since the government axed the 'Native Vegetation Act' in 2017. The recent bushfires have destroyed even more. I want my grandchildren to see Koalas in the wild. It's too late to do something when 'the last tree has fallen'!

I have created a limited edition of 8. Two prints have already sold. They have been printed in black with a touch of paynes grey on Hahnemuhle paper. I concentrated on the use of fine line to create dark brooding tones in this dramatic image.

The profits of four prints in the edition will go to the Australia Koala Foundation, and one is available on

This print was also a finalist in the 2021 Blue Mountains Print Prize, and featured in an on-line exhibition hosted by Nationwide Curating.

Please note: Since many of the organisations are closed due to Covid restrictions, the donations will be made at the end of lockdown when operations recommence.

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