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Tools of the trade.

January 2022 began with my husband and I isolating due to Covid (not a terrific start to the New Year). The weather wasn't the best so I was less heartbroken about missing three weeks of summer and our beloved beach.

While I recovered, I worked on this little linocut design to possible use as a new business logo. This design celebrates printmaking and features the tools that I most commonly use to carve my lino blocks, and a brayer or roller that I ink my blocks with. I have hand printed these on 'Fabriano Rosaspina' paper using my ball bearing 'Baren' and finishing with a soup spoon. The paper is 300gsm so it takes a bit of elbow grease to obtain an even print.

I have also created a 2nd version of this design minus the background to use as a fabric stamp on canvas patches that could be stitched onto aprons or tea-towels. These prints definitely have a hand crafted/ bespoke look and would make a lovely present for an artist printmaker that you know. Thats the attraction of an original fine art print versus a commercially produced design. No two prints will be 100% identical. There will always be a wonky line or two, or a stray printers mark.

The prints are now available on my 'Indigodazart' store.

The fabric patches will be available soon.

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