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Week two of Mono-printing workshop

Every Tuesday I attend a workshop at Duck Print Studio in Wentworth Street Port Kembla. Its a classic print workshop with lots of different vintage presses used for different sized paper and printing techniques. At present we have 4 regular student Artist attendees, but have had up to 8. It’s a great way to bounce off ideas, get advice and encouragement, with the advantage of Toms knowledge and expertise. It’s also very social, which is important for anyone who works in isolation in a studio. We also get to meet well known artists from time to time and have class excursions to openings. A really nice supportive bunch of people. This week we continued with Mono-printing. I’m beginning to grasp the concept. Like all things, with time and effort I will eventually see good results. I was satisfied with this image after a couple of attempts. This technique encourages expressive line work because of how quickly you need to paint before the ink dries. A great excuse to get the good brushes out. ’Banksia-after the fire’.

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